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So You Want to Make Good Mario Maker 2 Levels?

Here’s five tips for learning how to make good Super Mario Maker 2 levels using the Course Maker tool. This tutorial is aimed for creators of all skill levels, including beginners.

  1. Choose the theme that works best for your idea. Don’t get hung up on nostalgia or aesthetics.
  2. Like a painter choosing colors, you should choose a small palette of objects and enemies to design with, and don’t stray beyond them.
  3. Try crazy things that you aren’t sure are possible.
  4. Tell a story with your level and use the limitations that you have to tell it.
  5. Follow your gut! The level you start out making will not always be the level you end up with. And that’s okay!
  6. Bonus Tip: Just start building! Inspiration usually only strikes after you start.


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